How Do I Get to El Ezba?

As already mentioned, the village of El Ezba is situated on the West Bank of Luxor. There are quite a few ways to get to Hassan's house: certainly the easiest of these is to rent a taxi. However, if you take a taxi from the East Bank, you will have to cross the Nile by the bridge upstream, which prolongs your travelling time a bit. If you travel in Hassan's car (because he met you at the airport to take you to the flat), this is the standard route. If, however, you come on foot or by bicycle, it much better to simply use the ferry right in front of Luxor Temple to cross the Nile. Cost is a mere one pound for non-Egyptians. Once on the West Bank, you have a choice: either take a taxi (if the driver charges more than 5 pounds, refuse and choose another taxi) or one of the "service cars"/pick-ups. The service car terminal is found next to the ferry landing - you can't miss it. There you simply ask for a service car to "El Ezba" (Usually, the directions the cars are going is simply yelled out by the drivers; just take any service car that is hailed as going to "El Ezba El Kom", or, alternatively, to "Armant") and tell the driver you want to get off at the bridge ("kubri" in Arabic; "Kubri el Ezba" also serves as Hassan's address). The drive from the ferry landing is about five minutes, and once you approach "Kubri el Ezba", you just knock at the driver's window or ring the bell sported by most service cars. Don't feel put off by all of this - taking a service taxi is lots of fun! (and don't let yourself be cheated - the fee is no more than 25 piasters, which you simply give to the driver after you have left the service car!)

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