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Our good friend Hassan Hassen Abbas, formerly the owner of the El Qurna Bazar, has gone freelance as a travelling guide and, together with charming Brit Pam and a bus called Jane, has founded his own small travelling company.

With great skill and knowledge and prices that are impossible to beat, Hassan and Jane take travellers to all manner of places in Eygpt. Hassan, who had been working as a touist guide in the Valley of the Kings before he got to own his shop, is higly experienced with local cuture as well as a the monuments of antiquity of Egypt, and is happy to sharehis vast knowledge.

There are few better and more rewarding ways to experience Egypt off the beaten path - and in a cost-effective way, too!

You may also call Hassan by phone at 002-095-312946 - his cell phone number is: 002-0105699342
You may also get hold of Hassan via e-mail:

You may reach Pam at 002-0103461069
PHJ Tours also have their own homepage:

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